What are your cables made from?

    Our cables are made using Paracord & Techflex as the sleeving, with a range of connectors to choose from.
    Please note: cables created with multicolour/custom-dyed cord may have differences from example images as a result of:
    1. The cut of the cord used - the colour placement may differ slightly.
    2. The cable being created from a different dye batch - the colours may be slightly different as no two dyed cord batches are the same.

    Where can I stay up to date on new releases?

    Add us on Instagram! We regularly post fun content including upcoming releases + sneak peeks: @personalloot 


    What is the length/size of your Pre-designed cables and coils?

    Our cables vary in length due to various options. The device side has a 6" coil or 3" straight, and the host side is 4ft. Please note that each individual cable length may vary slightly.

    Will the cable work with my keyboard?

    Each cable is compatible with most keyboards. We offer a range of device connectors/connector orientations, so make sure to choose the correct connector/orientation for your keyboards PCB.


    Please note: we cannot guarantee compatibility with every keyboard, it is important to make sure you confirm our cables will work with your keyboard prior to purchasing. RGB heavy keyboards such as Drop ALT/CTRL are notoriously known for having a high energy draw. We rigorously test all cables prior to shipping to make sure they are fully functional, therefore we are not liable for any connectivity issues that may happen with these boards upon arrival. Please take this into consideration before purchasing one of our cables. 


    Where do you ship to + how long does delivery take?

    We ship worldwide! UK shipping takes approximately 3/4 working days & International shipping varies between 3-7 working days (exact time frames for each country are given at checkout).


    I have a problem with my cable, what should I do?

    If you are having issues with your cable, including assembly, connectivity problems, or any other troubleshooting, please contact us so we can help find a resolution.