What materials are Personal Loot cables made from?

Our cables are made using:

Paracord - Nylon sleeving applied over the base cable.

Techflex - PET sleeving applied over the paracord and base cable.

Detachable Connector - Connects the two sides of the cable together. Our detachable connectors come in a variety of colours, simply for aesthetic purposes.

Heatshrink- Applied to the USB connectors and some detachable connectors.

Please Note: Gradient cables made with a custom-dyed paracord may have differences from the one shown in the image as a result of: 1. The cut of the cord used - the colour placement may differ slightly. 2. The cable being created from a different dye batch - the colours may be slightly different as no two dyed cord batches are the same.

Will 'X' cable match 'X' keycaps?

Our pre-designed keycap themed cables are made to compliment the keycap set and are not an exact match.

How long will it take to make my cable?

As each cable is made to order, there will be a processing time between the time of purchase and dispatch. You can find the current turnaround time within the agreement section of each cable listing.

What size should I choose for the cable lengths?

The device side of the cable is mostly for cosmetic purposes, so choose the size most fitting to you.

The host side of the cable needs to be long enough to run from the device side of the cable, to your PC.

How durable are personal loot cables?

Each cable is handmade with the highest quality materials to ensure a premium finish - they are built to last.

Upon receiving your cable, we advise handling it gently to keep the intended product aesthetic. Any stretching or pulling on a coiled cable will cause visual differences to the originally tightly wound coil.

Will a personal loot cable work with my keyboard?

Our cables are compatible with most keyboards. RGB heavy keyboards such as Drop ALT/CTRL are notoriously known for having a high energy draw. Such keyboards will require a shorter cable length to function properly, we advise using our recommended cable length (6in coil/4ft host) or smaller.

I have a problem with my cable, what should i do?

If you are having issues with your cable, including assembly, connectivity problems, or any other troubleshooting, please contact us so we can help find a resolution.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Drop us a message and someone from our Customer Service team will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to include your order number (if you have one).

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