Why choose Personal Loot Keyboard cables?

Looking for a keyboard cable to match your desk or keyboard theme? You've come to the right place! But first, let us show you what makes Personal Loot Keyboard Cables so special.

Using the highest grade materials our cables are

Handmade IN-House

Each keyboard cable is handcrafted by one of our trained team here in the UK, with thousands of cables made and delivered successfully.

A wide range of paint finishes

Expertly hand painted

Great attention to detail and care is taken with every hand-painted connector, ensuring the highest finish is achieved. We use the highest quality techniques, from the extremely beautiful Cerakote to high-quality electrostatic powder coating.

vast inventory to choose from

We've got something for you!

With countless color combinations available, creating the perfect keyboard cable is a sure thing! Our library of cable colors, connectors, and heat shrinks spans across a wide spectrum.

let us take it from here

World wide shipping

Once your cable is complete and tested, it's time to ship. You can expect to see your cable arrive within 3 days domestically and 3-7 days for worldwide shipping.

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