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Cubed Keyboard Cable

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The Cubed keyboard cable is a specially designed cable that has been crafted with attention to detail to complement the GMK Cubed keycap set by MrBingo. This cable has been carefully colour-matched to both the original Gamecube console and the keycap set, resulting in a cohesive color flow that enhances the overall aesthetic of your keyboard setup.

The cable features a unique blend of beautifully themed purples, along with the iconic Gamecube accent colors on the aviator connector. These colors not only create a striking visual impact but also pay homage to the iconic retro console.

Furthermore, the cable's black heat shrink takes inspiration from the original Gamecube controller wire, adding a touch of nostalgia to your setup. With its high-quality construction and attention to detail, the Cubed themed keyboard cable is the perfect addition to any keyboard enthusiast's collection.

Cable Specifications

Inner sleeving: Paracord

Outer sleeving: Techflex

1. Device connector type: USB C, USB Micro, or USB Mini B

2. Device side length: Coil - 2 to 8 inches, Straight - 2 to 10 inches

3. Detachable connector: GX16 Aviator, LEMO, or YC8 (4 pin)

4. Host side length: 1 to 7ft

5. Host connector type: USB A (2.0), USB C

6. Connector sleeving: Heatshrink or metal housing

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Cable Care

Handle coils gently - Stretching or bending can cause permanent damage to its form.

Take care when handling connection points - twisting/force can damage the cables internals.


This listing is for the keyboard cable only. Any props used in the images or videos are not included.

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Cubed Keyboard Cable
Cubed Keyboard Cable
Cubed Keyboard Cable
Cubed Keyboard Cable

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