When you pre-order or participate in a group buy, you're securing an item before its production begins. Here's a breakdown of the pre-order process:

1. Group Buy/Pre-Order:
Customers place their orders in advance before the manufacturing phase begins.

2. Manufacturing:
Once the pre-order period ends, manufacturing of the items commences.

3. Shipment to Our Warehouse:
After manufacturing, the items are shipped to our warehouse for quality control and further processing.

4. Quality Control:
We conduct a thorough quality control check to ensure the products meet our standards and are in optimal condition.

5. Shipping to Customers:
Following quality control, we prepare and ship the items to the respective customers.

For the latest updates on each active project, please refer to our Notion page.

All orders are anticipated to be shipped within the timeframe specified on the order page. While we strive to provide an accurate shipping estimate, this timeframe may be subject to change due to production or shipping adjustments. If any changes occur, we'll promptly notify you via the email address provided during your order placement.

Please take note that group buy items require immediate payment upon placing the order, and unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or cancellations due to the nature of these purchases.