Create Your Own Cable FAQ

How long does it take to make my custom cable?

    All custom cables are made and shipped within 2-3 weeks from ordering. This may take longer in busy periods (in these cases you will be notified).

    What are your cables made from?

      Our cables are made using:
      Paracord - This is the nylon sleeving we use to go over the cable.
      Techflex - The PET sleeving we put over the paracord and cable.
      Aviator (GX16) - The aviator is put between the device and host sides of the cable as a detachable connector. Our aviators come in a variety of colours simply for aesthetic purposes.
      Heatshrink - This is added to the USB connectors and our aviators to help with durability.

      What is the difference between a device end and a host end?

        The device end of the cable (with or without the coil) plugs into your keyboard.
        The host end of the cable plugs into your PC.

        What size should I choose for the device and host cable length?

        The host cable needs to be long enough to run from your PC, to the device half of the cable.
        The device end of the cable (with or without the coil), is purely for cosmetic purposes, so choose the size you think would look awesome!